Monday, December 1, 2008

How Do You Spell Love? - Mike Hodge

How Do You Spell Love?

Throughout life I always
wanted 2 know the answer
2 this question. I sometimes ask myself, "Do
people actually know how
2 spell this word?" I gave it a lot
of thought and it took me
4-ever 2 realize that,
it's not as hard as it seems.
To you it's spelled L-O-V-E. To me,
and throughout the struggles
that I have seemed to overcome,
it's spelled T-I-M-E. That's all I ever
wanted from you, and you never
gave it to me. I sometimes think about the ways
you say you loved me,
but did you actually mean it?
In today's society you must show love to get love.
The pressures that I face and
the daily struggle of your presence frightens me.
Will it ever change? I think not because
Through my whole life
the way YOU spelled love . . . was wrong!

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