Friday, December 12, 2008

In Death's Library - Cassandra Kaul

In Death's Library

There is a stillness about the room
as sunlight attempts to cut
through the layers of dust
covering books that outline
the births of nations
and the fall of empires.

It's a quiet place that holds
the secrets and stories of humanity's lifetime.
The light shifts as a cloud blocks
out the sun and there is a change
to something far more sinister. The library
becomes a macabre display of history
shrouded in pain. A table in the corner
is revealed by shadows peeling away
to show its secret.

Lying innocently on the blood red
table is a book containing a delicate
script describing the lives
and death of humanity. Each page
is a temptation, a desire to know
the end of the next life.
As the shadow steals back its prize,
the light penetrates and the haze recedes
into another library with a book lying
innocently in the corner,
in death's library.

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