Monday, December 1, 2008

rebel's resignation - Ruth Patrick

rebel’s resignation

you ask for sound and sense
but there is no sense and thus the sound is all
nothing for nothing
nothing is all I have sometimes, it’s what you acquire
by having too much, no true desire
I give you sound in randomness
so I’ll scrabble together this random mess
as I float smooth and light like a thistledown
down ragged raging torrents that tumble down
and around and drown my sorrow in salty spray
shattered then spattered and flung too far
far away
tearing my heart apart
to acquire in this dark sweet release forbidden to me in
days dark depth, drawn too dense to see
these humble sounds as I stumble down dizzy
and death defying, crying and dying and not really trying
reporting resorting, in sport or in sorting my sins
and the fringes I fail to relate to
raise rabble and laughter and shatter the soul of
my hope blending blameless as blood
in passive pools, plain in pale plaintive puddle of pain upon pitiful paths
paved like grave graves’ graven images
fallen in flames
and remains as an after taste
shaded and jaded and faded inane and insane
say the way will be clear
clearly I’ll never escape
but my soul still shatters
in patterns
in fragments
in fractures of cracks in the blackness
in beads on a string all in order and order begins
to assemble again

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